At Gentueri, we have the experience you can trust, having provided DNA collection kits for more than 27 years. We have helped launch some of the most innovative collection devices ever designed to collect and preserve samples at room temperature.

We are now bringing the expertise we gained working with the Army and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to all genetic testing laboratories. We have patents on new, innovative products that will save time, reduce steps and provide value to your sample collection requirements. We pride ourselves in being responsive to customer requirements, solving problems and putting customers first.





Kenyon International Emergency Services, the world’s largest Disaster Management company use the Gentueri kits for our responses around the world. We selected them because of ease and simplicity of use by the user, be it by our Team Members, a medical practitioner or self-sampling. The SwabSaver is easy to handle and package at sampling stage and later in processing within the laboratory.  We used them at the Family Assistance Centre with family members following the 23rd February  2019 Atlas Air crash in Houston, and for later familial samples in the US. Local police used the kits as well and found them easy to use.  We store large supplies at  our warehouses in the UK, Houston and Sydney, Australia so we can respond globally: we find  the packaging and setup ideal.  Great customer service also with quick turnarounds for extra supplies.

Mark Oliver

Vice President, Operations

Kenyon International Emergency Services